Winter Essentials to keep you warm

Prestigethemanstore / 12.09.2015

Few more days and the holiday season will begin and holiday means shopping. Winter is kicking in slowly but surely. How are

you going to keep your style intact this winter? Have you thought of shopping for your stylish essentials?

There are only few things that you would probably need in your wardrobe to make your winter look noticeable.

1. Classic Blazer- Whether you are at work or out for a business meeting, whether you are traveling or on a lunch date,

nothing comes in more handy than a classic blazer. Stylish and something that will keep you warm and protected from the

chilly air. You must invest in two basic colors like blue, grey and black.

2. Cardigans- For times when it’s a bit too cold and you need to layer up. Cardigans are comfortable winter wear to wear

inside your blazer. You can also sport it without your blazer on.

3. Hooded jumpers- For your morning walk or walk to the super market. A hooded jumper is a stylish way to show your

comfortable and laid back look. Pair it with your jeans and sneakers and you are good to go. You could also use it as your

jogging outfit.

4. Leather jacket- Every guy must have at least one leather jacket. Specially if you are a motor bike rider. Leather jackets adds

to your macho personality. Pair it with your blue jeans, white t-shirt , shirts etc, finish the look with tan boots. This rough and

tough look might just impress your lady love.

5. Scarfs- Yes, a very chic and stylish essential that you must consider adding to your wardrobe. Wrap it around your neck with

your blazer, your sweater or your cardigan. It is a look that goes with all. Remember that scarfs are not only an essential but

its also a necessary accessory!

6. Bags- Of course, where are you going to put all this when you start feeling a bit warm?

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