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Winter Essentials to keep you warm

Prestigethemanstore / 12.09.2015

Few more days and the holiday season will begin and holiday means shopping. Winter is kicking in slowly but surely. How are

you going to keep your style intact this winter? Have you thought of shopping for your stylish essentials?

There are only few things that you would probably need in your wardrobe to make your winter look noticeable.

1. Classic Blazer- Whether you are at work or out for a business meeting, whether you are traveling or on a lunch date,

nothing comes in more handy than a classic blazer. Stylish and something that will keep you warm and protected from the

chilly air. You must invest in two basic colors like blue, grey and black.

2. Cardigans- For times when it’s a bit too cold and you need to layer up. Cardigans are comfortable winter wear to wear

inside your blazer. You can also sport it without your blazer on.

3. Hooded jumpers- For your morning walk or walk to the super market. A hooded jumper is a stylish way to show your

comfortable and laid back look. Pair it with your jeans and sneakers and you are good to go. You could also use it as your

jogging outfit.

4. Leather jacket- Every guy must have at least one leather jacket. Specially if you are a motor bike rider. Leather jackets adds

to your macho personality. Pair it with your blue jeans, white t-shirt , shirts etc, finish the look with tan boots. This rough and

tough look might just impress your lady love.

5. Scarfs- Yes, a very chic and stylish essential that you must consider adding to your wardrobe. Wrap it around your neck with

your blazer, your sweater or your cardigan. It is a look that goes with all. Remember that scarfs are not only an essential but

its also a necessary accessory!

6. Bags- Of course, where are you going to put all this when you start feeling a bit warm?


The art of applying Fragrance

Prestigethemanstore / 25.08.2015

Why are fragrances so important you ask? Well then here is the explanation- It has an effect on our memory which is often noticeable. When the scent first gets to your nose, you start making nerve connection and these connections in the brain are linked with emotions. These two reside in the limbic system of our brain and work together on the same network. We are guessing you got bored reading just this already so allow us to break it down for you.

Let’s admit it, it’s the power of fragrance which triggers one of our five senses. It may not be as strong as our other four senses but it still amounts a great deal and besides smell is the only sense which is directly hardwired onto our brain. It can affect our mood, sleep, confidence and our physical and cognitive performance.

Hmm… who would have thought fragrances could have so much behind it besides just trying to impress the ladies which we must admit hold equal importance. After all which man would not like to see a beautiful women catching a whiff of his distinctive old spice aftershave scent in the wind and turn back.

Applying a perfume is also an art of its own. It’s just like learning business. You only get perfect at it in due course of time. Remember that you should not over do it or under do it because you may love your cologne but others next to you may not share the same taste.

Probably in places where your body produces most heat. Like your under arms, neck, wrist, chest and behind your ears etc.These are the ideal locations where cologne should be applied. Wrist and neck is advisable so that when you greet someone, you leave them wanting for more. You can leave your mark on them and make them remember you later.

If we may suggest something- Do not ever spray cologne in front of you and walk through mist. You will only waste it. Do not get influenced by what you see on the television. Doing this your perfume will fall on the ground and will get wasted and you would barely have enough on you. The best way to apply cologne is to keep it at 6 inches distance and spray. Going too close might leave stain on your clothes so keep distance. You could also apply directly on your skin like we mentioned before- your wrist, behind your ears and some men also apply directly on their chests. Application must not be more than twice as it might be considered over doing. Just simple glide your index finger over the bottle’s opening, press into it gently and you’re set. You could spray on your wrist, gently rub it together then move your wrist up to your neck and lightly dab them into the jaw. Do not create friction while rubbing as it will cause evaporation and then you might not be able to feel the experience and last but not the least, never ever mix your perfume with your deodorants as it will ruin everything.


Stay resort ready on your summer vacation

Prestigethemanstore / 23.08.2015

If you are planning a summer getaway (which we are sure you will. After all its summer and you deserve a break) then resort destinations must be on the top of your list.

Sun, beach and sand…. what more? Well a lot more. Resort vacation does not only mean running around on the beach all day long wear nothing but Speedos. There could be dinners, lunches, brunches, resort formal parties, shopping, dates and more. You can’t possibly do all that shirtless or in a tank top. Can you?

The concept of resort wear is still not very clear in India. While men’s fashion has certainly seen an upgrade, the understanding of resort wear is still an alien term to people.

Resort wear for men is basically a collection of light casuals which are comfortable to wear on exotic locations while on holiday.

So while you are packing your bag, throw these in too………………

1. Basic white tee or shirt- Skip the printed shirt this time and carry a basic white tee for that little stroll around the park with your girlfriend.

2. Linen shirt- You might have to attend a beach wedding or a formal social gathering. Carrying a light toned linen shirt is the best option as it is summer friendly and completely trendy.

3. Linen trousers- Sounds strange? Well try it out. You won’t complain!

4. Footwear- Flip flops and sandals are the usual footwear everyone carries, what you should take with you is a boat shoes or loafers for the time you attend the social events like weddings and brunches etc.

5. Light jeans- For you vacation might comprise of some biking, trekking and getting wild in the nature.

6. Summer jacket- Because it makes a great semi formal summer look.