Prestige Fashions Pvt. Ltd. belongs to the Prestige Group, and is run by Mr. Noaman Razack, whose father Razack Sattar founded the company in 1956, on Commercial Street. In 1982, Noaman Razack took over at the helm of Prestige Fashions and oversaw the growth of the flagship store. From a minuscule retail space to its flagship now being over 20000 sq ft along with branches and numerous franchises which continue to grow.


Over the years, the company has strived to continue innovating and provide the latest and best offerings to its customers, for eg, the company introduced United Colours of Benetton to India and had multiple outlets at premium locations across Bangalore. Prestige-The Man Store is one of the very few in the country to house premium luxury fabrics from Scabal, Zegna and much more.


Their first retail venture in Bangalore showed Prestige to be a pioneer in their field- a one stop shop for men encompassing every type of clothing and accessory under one roof. Prestige The Man Store was first 20000 sq ft dedicated shopping space for men in the entire country. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger have had great growth with Prestige Fashions.

Customer Service

With a view to deliver impeccable service and products, the company has always carefully curated products to suit their discerning customers. Superior customer service is a goal the company strives to achieve, and is apparent in the training of the entire staff who have an in depth product knowledge and ability to ‘style’ a customer. Customer services include occasion based styling, bespoke suit consultation for your body type, gift cards, delivery for express orders etc.



A walk though the adventure of Prestige Fashions, from birth till now.

  • 1956 Prestige begins
  • 1975 Prestige Textiles, the first Prestige branch
    Commercial St .BVK Iyengar Rd
  • 1982 Raymond first franchisee standalone store Commercial St
  • 1993 Metro Shoes,Kamaraj Rd
  • 2000 Mochi stand alone store .Commercial St
  • 2002 Benetton first franchisee standalone store.Church St
  • 2004 Benetton opens. Forum Mall, Hosur Rd
  • 2006 Prestige The Man Store. Commercial St
  • 2008 Giovani first standalone store. St Mark’s Rd
  • 2009 Tommy Hilfiger standalone. Forum Value Mall, Whitefield
  • 2009 Stanza first franchisee standalone. Forum Value Mall, Whitefield
  • 2010 Prestige The Man Store . Mantri Mall, Malleswaram
  • 2013 Prestige The Man Store. Forum Vijaya Mall, Chenna
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